Tokyo HoloLens Meetup vol.32 Event Report

Today's an introduction to the event. Today, January 23, 2023, TokyoHoloLensMeetup Vol. 32 was held. this is a Event report ▲What's Tokyo HoloLens meetup? EventPage This event was also held at a real venue for the first time since January 2020 due to the spread of the covit-19 infection. and distributed throughout Japan, connecting online and real venues. The time schedule started after noon and included two main sessions = MixedTalk, LightningTalk, and a reception. About 4~50 people at the real venue enjoyed the first real event in several years. ▲Mixed Takls ▲initiative of building a town with XR! Speaks by Takesen Ito(伊藤武仙さん), Haruna Kamo(加茂春奈さん), and Tetsuya Tano(田野哲也さん) of Hololab Inc. The talk began with a review of the past, as it was the 6th anniversary of HoloLens. HoloLens appeared in 2017... Hololab Inc. was born with the excitement of the community around Japan. Fukuoka Osaka Sendai The talk began with a review of the past, as

UnityShader Development Starting from Zero Chapter 1 :What is a Shader?

Today is the Unity Shader Topic. Last year , The shader study session held in my company. The reason for the event was that one of our interns asked me for advice on Shader, and more and more engineers in our company are interested in Shader, so I decided to take the time to share my knowledge with them. Here, I will introduce Shader, recalling some of the stumbling blocks in learning Shader as a self-taught student for about two years. Shader Study Session Objectives This workshop is intended for the following people. ・Those who have heard of Shader in Unity but do not know what it is. ・Want to try writing Shaders but don’t know how to do it. The goal of this article is to ・To understand what Shader is doing. ・Understanding Shaders in Unity. ・To be able to write basic Shader in Unity. What is Shader? Shader generally refers to the drawing program language in a computer or the program itself being executed . Generally, a PC outputs some kind of displ