Tokyo HoloLens Meetup vol.32 Event Report

Today's an introduction to the event.

Today, January 23, 2023, TokyoHoloLensMeetup Vol. 32 was held.

this is a Event report

▲What's Tokyo HoloLens meetup?


This event was also held at a real venue for the first time since January 2020 due to the spread of the covit-19 infection.

and distributed throughout Japan, connecting online and real venues.

The time schedule started after noon and included two main sessions = MixedTalk, LightningTalk, and a reception.

About 4~50 people at the real venue enjoyed the first real event in several years.

▲Mixed Takls

▲initiative of building a town with XR!

Speaks by Takesen Ito(伊藤武仙さん), Haruna Kamo(加茂春奈さん), and Tetsuya Tano(田野哲也さん) of Hololab Inc.

The talk began with a review of the past, as it was the 6th anniversary of HoloLens.

HoloLens appeared in 2017...

Hololab Inc. was born with the excitement of the community around Japan.




The talk began with a review of the past, as it was the 6th anniversary of HoloLens.

HoloLens appeared in 2017... Hololab Inc. was born with the excitement of the community around Japan.

Just 5 years since it, stories of urban development using HoloLens were shared

▲Project PLATEAU

Project PLATEAU is a project led by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure(MLIT), Transport and Tourism to convert 3D city models across Japan into open data.


Although the project is led by a government agency, it is a very active and thriving project in Japan for use in community and other activities.

Various cities in Japan are supported.

One of the features of the model is that, unlike Google Earth etc., each building is provided as independent data, giving meaning to each building rather than merely reproducing the environment.

The town development project was started after he spoke at an event about PLATEAU.

They actually developed the system and held workshops for citizens!

They have developed something called HoloMaps, which allows users to freely place not only PLATEU models but also their own models on the browser.

This time, since it runs on the web, the team was also edited and developed over the course of a year by three people.

The team did not have the know-how for town development, and when they were in trouble, the person who applied for the general affairs position at Hololab had previously worked in urban development, and the project progressed at a dash.

The workshop was held about 10 times in total, and in the second session, they had participants actually upload data using HoloLens and smartphones.

Finally, they have progressed to the point where they are able to envision a city using cards, using Vuforia and other software.


They have developed two applications. PAKAPAKA recognizes AR makers, takes pictures, and uploads the data as follows.

・Volumetric video


・VR View

The VR view uses the PLATEAU model to allow people to experience what the current buildings would look like and what would happen if they were no longer there.

The actual application development involved QR code recognition know-how and location information.

They did the location adjustments, etc., during the fieldwork on site.

It was a very interesting and interesting initiative as an AR platform to extend the PLATEAU platform in terms of urban development. There was a backstory that during the site check, there were many cloudy days, and just before the actual event, there was a problem with recognition accuracy due to clear skies, but it worked out well because it was cloudy during the actual event.

For card recognition on the AR display side, they used ARkit for the iPad and Vuforia for the HoloLens side.

There were also problems with recognition, and it was said that there were times when the cards had to be redesigned just before the actual event, and that many trials and errors were made.

There were also a number of issues that emerged from the field verification, including data volume, operative rates, and financial costs. On the other hand, unlike conventional town planning participants, the project attracted a different demographic, including young people.。

▲My Impressions

We were able to experience the initiative as a demonstration at the event and found it to be a very revolutionary approach. Geography and spatial images are important when considering urban development and town planning, but they differ greatly from person to person. For example, if a large building is built in the middle of a residential area, there may be problems in terms of sunlight, scenery, noise, and other issues that may affect the lives of residents. Also, although the map is flat, in reality there are depressions, etc., and actual urban development is a 3D story, not a 2D one. By using HoloLens or an iPad to display MR, I thought it would be possible for both children and adults to grasp the city spatially, making it easier to visualize the city.

〇Development of visualization of physical concepts using HoloLens and actual teaching in Japan and abroad

The second speaker is Taturo Ueda(植田 達郎さん)

Change the world with MixedReality...shared his efforts to change physics education, among other things.

When it comes to physics education , the public is more likely to say "not so" than they are to say "I like it".

Mr. Ueda studied physics at university and graduate school with the idea of becoming a physics teacher in the future when he was a high school student, first as a junior high school science teacher, and then as a high school science teacher.

His company "FeelPhysics" is named after Feel Physics' desire to improve physics education.

Why is it generally difficult to understand physics? One of the reasons why people say that physics is difficult is that physics is abstract and lacking in specifics.


▲How can we change physics in MR?

 The answer to this challenge was introduced by MR to change the physics class.

**▲magnetic field**

An invisible force called a magnetic field is deployed around a magnet, which must be visualized indirectly by using iron sand or other means to see it. In addition, this magnetic field has a direction of force, which complicates understanding. Furthermore, the force is further changed by the application of electricity. The problem with visualizing magnets is that magnetic fields are spatially deployed, and with HoloLens this can be reproduced.

The characteristics of MR make it easier to understand by superimposing it on real magnets.

Visualizing the magnetic field makes it easier to understand, for example, the phenomenon of two magnets behaving like one large magnet when attached to each other.

**▲Parabolic motion**

The following image is often used when throwing things

However, to understand this in depth, advanced mathematics comes into play, and this too has become a weakness in study. If this can be placed in space together with animation using HoloLens, it is possible to reproduce real physical phenomena in physical space in an easy-to-understand manner.

▲Gaseous particle

Air and other gaseous particles exist in our surroundings and are an invisible phenomenon, although their number is enormous!

▲Resolve an issue

One problem is the cost around the price and operation of HoloLens2. In the field of education, there are many challenges, especially in terms of finances. In response to this, it is important to evangelize the value of HoloLens2 by having people experience it. To solve these issues, changes other than MixedReality are also necessary.

・Digitalization of Society

Also known as DX, which more companies in Japan have begun to actively engage in。

Now, career education, which is about "what I want to be in the future and what I want to study to achieve that," is beginning to change. As part of this change, they have been giving classes at correspondence high schools.

As steps, they taught the class in the following stages: VR, MR, MR application development experience, and career guidance.

The feedback from the students who experienced the program was also very positive!。

I thought it was great that the author was able to not only create interest but also vector from there to the importance of what they are actually learning.


Another element was the introduction of the metaverse.

The percentage of correct answers on exams has also increased as a result of the VR classes.


I will post a later article on the author's presentation. Seven people, including the author, took the podium, and I gave a proselytizing speech on MixedRealityGraphicsTools. (Laughter)


HoloLens 2 T-shirts were handed out at the event.

The white HoloLens T-shirt is a rare T-shirt, as most of them have been black-based until now. In addition, I received an Anker charging plug in the raffle.

HoloLens 2 is also compatible with this logoed item.


After the event, there was a free join after-party for about 10 people including myself. (The author's group was about 10 people, but there were other after-parties as well.

The recent de facto dissolution of the MRTK team came as a shock to many of us, but each of us was a passionate HoloRanger and we had a great time together with the event, talking about old projects and other things that we can only talk about in real life. It was a great time together with the event.

▲After the event me

As mentioned above, the recent Microsoft layoffs (temporary layoffs due to poor performance) targeted many of the MRTK team and effectively disbanded the MRTK team. The event was held the day after many engineers were shocked, and the love for HoloLens by each and every one of them could be felt very much. Many people involved with HoloLens gathered in real life at this time, and for some, it was the first time they had met in several years. Because it was real, we were able to share ideas, tools, work examples, personal activities, and other connections with other people in the conversation, and we also talked about future HoloLens activities such as HoloLens3. I am an outsider of Microsoft, so I wondered what I could do as a member of the community. I am a Microsoft outsider, so I wondered what I could do as a member of the community, but I wanted to do something to help boost the MRGT, in which I am now participating, because I am a member. It has been three years since the last real MRGT, but I hope that the next one will be a fun event where more people can get together.

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