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Here is a technical blog where we keep track of our daily learning about MixedReality and 3DCG.

The original Japanese blog is here.

夜風のMixedReality (hatenablog.com)

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・mail :seirios48@yahoo.co.jp

・GitHub:HoloMoto (HoloMoto) (github.com)


About Me

I live in Japan.
 I am just learning English, so my expressions are not native, but my goal is to travel around the world with MixedReality devices in the future.
 I would be happy if this blog can help you or give you an idea something.

In 2019, I didn’t even understand the difference between Windows and Mac, then I met Microsoft HoloLens and my days changed.
 Let me share about my own background.
 I have several handicaps.
 It was a ‘barrier’ when I was a student, but it was ‘technology’ that allowed me to do what I do.

One teacher said
 ‘Just as wearing glasses people who need makes life easier , a device should be able to expand a person’s capabilities and make life more enjoyable and easier.’
 I was never good at writing and was always told that my handwriting was “dirty” and “slow.” In math class, I could do the math, but I had a huge amount of time to express it, and the last thing I wanted to do was transcribe it.
At the end of the class time, it was just transcription.

What changed that was when I started taking digital notes using Microsoft Office’s OneNote.

Studying became fun. At the same time I wanted to be involved in technology.

It was during this time that I came across the Microsoft HoloLens.
 Metaverse, SpatialComputing, I thought it would allow everyone to communicate equally, not physically, but with the mind.

So I love HoloLens, which has changed my life, and I want to do something to help this community at the same time.


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